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Yeah for double digging! I did this last year, and the year before... BOY was I sore! So exciting! If you're on the island again you should stop at Pegasus ( the roaster at Day road, not the cafe ) and get their empty coffee sacks!! Fantastic for plating right through! Or fold them over and using for walkways... or for germinating under :) They are so fantastic and free! Google burlap uses in gardening and french intensive. Lots of ideas out there!
Sorry to hear about Jane! it's funny, because I actually thought you must be sick or someone got hurt! you hadn't posted for a few days! Do you think she got into something in the yard? Having an allergic reaction? If it doesn't go away maybe try a naturopath who will do muscle testing for toxins or allergens. It's worth a try if no one knows what's up.
Have a cup of tea and eat something yummy! That is the best ending to a hard day!
Take care


Sorry, NO idea whatsoever about digging wholes or tilling or gardening. But sending all the best wishes to your baby girl. I hope you find out what it is and that she gets better soon!


... and yes, I actually know it's "holes" instead of "wholes". Sorry! :o)


Thanks for the well wishes. Miraculously, all that's left today is her cold and the slightest pink edge where the swelling was. We may never know what it was!

And I didn't even notice the "wholes." :) I've sort of stopped editing my own posts (probably a bad idea) and I guess rubbing off on everything I read!!

Glad, as always, that you came and visited us here.


Sarah! Thanks for the super tips. I didn't know there was a roaster on Day road, but I'll check it out. How exciting!

Yeah, we were all already sick before this happened. I am so behind on EVERYTHING. It's funny because she sits in the yard and plays in the dirt a lot, and nothing has ever happened. 24 hours after her last play, I changed her diaper and suddenly there it was! I have no idea--a million ideas--what might have happened. But it dawned on me to day that there is a naturopath in town. Next time, we'll be more ready to handle something like this. Dry run!

Trying to drum up the energy to bake healing cookies tonight. I think it will be well spent, don't you?

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