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Thinking of you and wishing you peace in your life during this time. As you know I held it close to my heart in wishing for a Waldorf doll for Ari and then... *poof* there you were with an email telling me you had it on your heart to create one! I hope that as you pour love and positive energy into this creating that you too will feel this love. The last WT project for Kelly was met in this way, all of us felt the same love that we were giving.
Your photos are beautiful, it looks like you have enjoyed such beauty in your days.


Thanks, Nicole. Thinking of you, too. We've chatted about it before, but I'm still amazed at the community and compassion I've encountered in cyberspace, which in so many ways is an enormous and cold space. It's really a blessing to take part in it. I'm thrilled to *poof* into it in such a providential way.

I was thinking the same about your recent photos, especially the trip to the beach. Magical! That's a bonus of the blogging--studying my photos and realizing, WOW, there is so much beauty in my life. Now if it would just stop raining!!!! Ha!

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