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6512 and growing

Beware of drinking *less* coffee. Sounds like a recipe for trouble.

We call the genitals as they are. My son has a penis and my daughter has a vagina and vulva, and barring occasional confusion, everyone's pretty accurate.
*they also got their first lesson in menstruation due to our very small house and the fact our bathroom seems to be planted right in the middle of everything. And no one seems to be scarred.

I know the *names* are sort of bristling and un=pretty, but gawd, the "nicknames" for genitalia I fear are worse.


Oh. I don't think there's any real danger of drinking less coffee around here. You know, just a recurring thought that sounds wise when the coffee bag is empty and insane every morning when I take that first gulp.

I was encouraging my daughter to wipe her own self during our diaper trauma ritual (she HATES it) and she gladly did, then dropped her wipe, smiled, and called it a "button," as in belly button. As yet, no decision made, but I loved to have everyone's input, here and on Facebook. Absolutely no desire to create confusion or embarrassment by using euphemisms and leaving our daughter to be educated by peers who are educated by older siblings, etc.

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