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6512 and growing

"bucktooth sniffing face."
That is the best phrase; my daughter spent much of her first year of life in a bucktooth sniffing face, with the occasional full-on snort.
Here, in the sunny Southwest, I can not dial up the reality of tweed or hot tea or even soup. In fact, no one is allowed in our shadeless yard btwn the hours of 12-3.
And, that flower is bindweed, scourge of the world. Sorry to break it to you.
But those peonies? Gorgeous!


Tweed and tea. It's just wrong in June, isn't it? I've been in Boston for five years and I forgot what the early Northwest summer is like: fall. As much as I complain, as a redhead I kind of appreciate it--native habitat.
Thanks for identifying my mystery flower. I knew it looked too healthy to be a desirable. Thankfully, that beautiful bindweed was on the side of the road, far from our yard. I'm already too busy fighting a losing battle against manroot, morning glory, and three types of vetch.
Stay cool, and thanks for stopping by!

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