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Kristin Ziebart

Oh my god, that must have been terrifying. My hackles were raised by your re-telling of it. Can you do anything to deter coyotes from coming near your home?


scary. Get a can of pepper spray for bears at the outdoor store... I bet you'd feel A TON better having it with you next time :) I always carried one in the city at night when I was alone. Might as well use it for coyotes too!

6512 and growing

It was *almost* another day in the life of a Mama (y'know, child-protests, and crappy naps and broken mugs) and then, the coyote. I wonder if there's anything you can do to scare the coyotes away (lights? noises? smells?).
sorry for your heartbrokenness.

Ellen Mahoney

Thanks everyone, for your comments and your emails. We are looking into coyote deterrents and I've gotten a grip. Enjoying a few days away in Portland.


i remember hearing the coyotes at our previous home in the mountains... in the mornings we would see their track left on the dirt driveway. i never got used to the sound, it certainly is quite eerie. we saw bears very close around the house but somehow i got a bit more comfortable knowing they were there, they always ran fast away as soon as they saw us. my fear was that we would surprise one in the woods. anyway... i'm sorry to hear of your broken heart, i wish it will be mended and that things will be brighter very soon. sending love xoxo


Oh my...I dropped in to say hello (i'm making you a pretty stone) and well, i was nodding along understanding your day with Jane, loving the sound of that chutney (can almost smell it), feeling sad about the mug and the bird, heartened by your sister and absolutly terrified of the coyote...I'm not sure i even really know what it is but you are a strong brave woman!

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